Текст песни Антон VOSMOY (8th - ex. 8 tripping horses) - Raindog

Исполнитель: Антон VOSMOY (8th - ex. 8 tripping horses)
The criss cross
the blind horse
the miler

the pale hoss
the cold grass
the fire

the quiz girl
the sweet curl
the morning

the night fall
the bright hole
of the moon and

all i pray

the heart's stone
the night’s gone
the quiet

the chasing
the tale of the

the silk road
the white robe
the glitter

the wind’s grown
into something

all i pray

when the rain dogs are coming
i feel the nowhere angel
all i pray

it’s all i pray

And the ghost of the forest,
and the river, and the last dawn
till the breath goes slowly
till i listen to the countdown

Till the drum’s beating heart
till the heart is beating thunder
till the road’s going down
till i can’t see any wonder
and the moan, and the moan
and the moan is getting harder
and the sun, and the sun, and the sun, and it’s all i pray

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