Текст песни Moody Good - Hotplate (feat. Knytro) [Summer Radio]

Исполнитель: Moody Good
If life is a box of chocolates, damn I sure got my pick
Cruising on the worn chords of a Megatropolis
If you read the synopsis, the read should be redonkulous
Blow your fucking mind like, frozen as a Klondike
I know, right? So don't play boy!!
Who the Hefner you? Tryna be a playboy?
She ain't step to you cause she ain't want your name boy
So we dismember you, turning red to rain boy
Well then, tell your friends I could give a flying
Funky rhinoceros octopuses are delish
Yep, this is my kind of dish, where da fish?
Where da fakes at? Gobble down a billion of 'em bitches
On a supersonic wave while y'all living so ridiculous
Fictitious like you may be a little over-drinking
Over thinking what you thinking?!
She is not the one to play with,
She will set you up and now
You're stuck between two different cages so you're

Done, done, done, dubplate
Done, done, done
Done, done, done
Your aim is wasted
I ain't mean to throw it in ya face kidd, now you're
Done, done, done!

So strapped, with a low cap, wanna know how I got this sickness?
I jumped into a swimming pool, eccentric as a Kendrick
Life is good as it gets, Mr. Jones' interest
No stepping on the pedal without the physical fitness
Bear witness, Rambo in a Lambo
Saddle up the horsepower, travel while we rattle
All the windows like a cymbal, assemble every single
Individual musical symbol like a synth or signal so you're

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