Текст песни Alex Farnham - Stink eye (Good Time Parody)

Исполнитель: Alex Farnham

Bad dream
Toss and turn and fall out of bed
Woke up late
Missed the alarm and I hit my head
Put on shoe but
Where is the other shoe?
Put on my pants then my underwear
I know that’s weird but hey
I don’t really care
But if you laugh then that will make me cry
And then I’ll give you stink eye
‘Cause teasing is not nice
I like to eat fried rice
If you don’t like fried rice… then
You are such a stupid guy

Strolling down the isle at the grocery store
Buying spam lot’s of spam
‘Cause I stay poor
Then I trip and I slip and hit the floor
So I run out of the door
Good morning and good night
Hey, what are doing guy?
I’m singing
You’re singing my song
If you don’t stop singing guy
I’m gonna give you stink eye
Let’s just have a good time
I’ll just give you stink eye!
Yes I will!
Let’s just have a good time!

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