Текст песни Portal 2 - Turrel's song

Исполнитель: Portal 2
Cara bella, cara mia bella!
Mia bambina, o ciel! [pun: Chell = It. "Ciel" = Sky"]
Ch? la stimo...
Ch? la stimo.
O cara mia, addio!

La mia bambina cara,
perch? non passi lontana?
S?, lontana da Sc?enza, [personified]
cara, cara mia bambina?
Ah, mia bella!
Ah, mia cara!
Ah, mia cara!
Ah, mia bambina!
O cara, cara mia...


Dear beautiful, my beautiful darling!
My child, oh Chell! [pun: "oh heavens!"]
For I hold her in esteem...
For I hold her in esteem.
Farewell to my dear!

My dear girl,
why do you not walk away?
Yes, away from Science,
my dear, my dear girl?
Ah, my beautiful!
Ah, my dear!
Ah, my dear!
Ah, my child!
Oh dear, my dear...


?Attempts have been made by the author to translate non-literal but still with the same meaning.

?Bambina is a female child, in English you can drop this as it's clear from context.
?Ciel seems to be used in a fun context, but in English only Chell would fit.
?Ch? l?stima is Ch? la stimo here, which turns into a better for I hold her in esteem.

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