Исполнитель: ICECLODS
I still masturbate while eating Top Ramen

At a faster rate in the bigger quantities it counts as rape

When I'm slurpin' at this unbelievable pace

I turn the temperature up all the way to sweat up out my face

If you give no effort, if you got no money, then I got a cheat method

Crack it open, throw it in a pan, and let it cook, bitch

Now, that's a real education, fuck books

If you wanna make it in college, acknowledge all the flavors that be droppin' mad knowledge on these pussy ass canned goods

We got chicken and beef [?] the manhood, anybody want a piece of me, will have to get this ramen first

Start with the shrimp and then the fire

If you're fully blazed, then this shit'll get you higher (Hah!)

35 cents of pack 3 for a dollar, unbelievable pricing, that's the future of a blue collar worker

And I'm talkin' about ramen

This shit'll fill you up when you're feelin' like an African

Come back when you're in the state that I'm in

And say "hi" to my homeboy

Top Ramen

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