Текст песни Антон VOSMOY (8th - ex. 8 tripping horses) - Grave my Army

Исполнитель: Антон VOSMOY (8th - ex. 8 tripping horses)
Listen, honey I was breathing
Freely slowly after weeping
Flaming bodies moon is creeping
Sun is quittng night falls sleeping
Copper lid remains me
Ripping every morning I am
Dreaming you to come
And fill my stomach with your
Smell and blood ironic

You’ll make me beautiful
I need to be beautiful to live

So just make me beautiful to breathe

Listen, baby I could eat you
All the pains I ever gave you
Lick your poisons from the bed sheets
Bite your kisses, dog the halter, burn the shelter
Let you melting, I will slowly reconstruct
I could fuck you with all your reasons
I would love you, I would love you… soon

You’ll make me beautyfull
I need to be beautiful to live.

Just make me beautiful
I want to be beautiful to breathe


Would you come back
I was prayed to death

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