Текст песни Rise Of The Northstar (????????????????) - The New Path

Исполнитель: Rise Of The Northstar (????????????????)
His name is Raoh, Demonic Ken'oh
Fist of the Violent Star, born in hell, yo
Fallen heir who should've lost his fist
Rejected by his love and treated like a best

Evil grew up within him like a new option
He took his master's life without asking questions
Suffered the nuclear fire
He conquers a chaotic world, Takes The Power

Rules on this sick world / Fallen brotherhood
Here comes the new lord / Fist against sword

Nothing is written in advance
Everything changes, smash your chance
One life, one love, several fates
Open a new path, create the gate

Genocide, his life starts badly
His weakness saves his life, Baddack the movie
Arrived on earth, broke his motherfucking head
Booyaka Booyaka, he could've been brain dead

He faced elites, never gave up
This life could've been a tragedy if he didn't confront
His fear, his faith, his destiny
Never forget the Sin Goku story


One, two, three, four, five, super Yankees
Straight from the past, straight from the nineties
Without any help or any support
Against the main vibe and ready to start

"Get up, stand up, come on throw your hands up!"
They wanna force the fate and represent some codes
Stay true, stay straight, never forget, create your own legacy
Never lose the target


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