Текст песни Broadway Karkat - The Only Exception

Исполнитель: Broadway Karkat
Three years I've spent on this rock,
Cursing the stars in my abyss
I self prophesied my despair
If only myself to blame for it

Some people say trials like these
Show you who really is a friend
That's why I promised myself
I'd never be ruled by this again

I wonder why you are
the only exception...

You are the only exception (x3)

Baby, I know somewhere,
Deep in my soul,
These things never last..

I just have to find other ways
To make it alone or keep a
Brave face..

And I always lived like this
Keeping a comfortable

And up until now,
Could've sworn
That i was content with
(because none of it was worth the risk)

You are the only exception (x4)

I like to think I've got a tight grip on reality
(Tight grip on reality)

I try to focus on the things that I have left

I know that in your heart I'm only his replacement
(I'm only his replacement)

But there's a special place in mine for my only friend

You are the only exception

You are the only exception

You are the only exception

You are
(The only exception!)

You are the only exception (x4)

And I'm on my way to accepting...

Oh and I'm on my way to accepting.

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