Текст песни Slayer (Repentless 2015) - Vices

Исполнитель: Slayer (Repentless 2015)
[Verse 1]
Stop and think of society's impotence
And the reason behind its incompetence
Faith in God is the vice, bring on the tyranny
Won't be long 'til you find the real irony

Life drags on, and we watch it bleed
On controversy and madness we feed
It's a rush you can't deny
A little violence is the ultimate drug
Let's get high

[Verse 2]
Politician that claims to be the innocent
Sells you peace then defies you with his insolence
Greed and power his vices give him what he seeks
Manipulate and divide forever lead the weak



[Verse 3]
You've been powerless to your vices
Self-control defies you
When nothing else quite suffices
Your demons will destroy you

Holy man portrays the face of purity
Hiding behind as shroud of vanity
Pure lust is his vice a sickness to defile
God becomes a device to hide the pedophile


So fuckin' high

Видео Slayer (Repentless 2015) - Vices

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