Текст песни лондонская группа без названия - северный кит

Исполнитель: лондонская группа без названия
Another wave crashed over you
It pull you in a spell
If I know you
I wish you well

It'll pull you further out to sea
It'll pull you in a dream
it's the last thing you want
but you leave

On another day you'll be all seeing out your heart down
and a northern whale wouldn't wait
he'd be on the heart and down to you
if you know me, you'll know
I love you

A nananana

Why can't you ......
But do you ever listen to the heart,
its song and reach out

And when the counting comes to be
I doubt you'd ever think of me
But I know it's dark now

On another day I'll be gone seeing out and holding
but a northern whale wouldn't wait
he'd be coming right there on the sound
If you wait, listen, you'll hear, I love you

On another day there's no way anything ..... touch
but northern whale wouldn't care
he'd be be there waiting on the sound
if you know me, you'll know I love you

If you know me you'll know
I love you

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