Текст песни JubyPhonic - Kisaragi Attention [Guitar Outtake] (English Cover)

Исполнитель: JubyPhonic

Woah, wherever do I think I'm going?
Don't know, these clothes are looking pretty showy
Ah, what am I to do when nothing's going my way today?

Woah, good thing I didn't wear those heels
Although they always make feel so tall
But now a casual look will keep me out of sight so I can do my own thing today
Stroll down the ally catching my sight everyday
Ah, this kind of feeling is making my heart pound

And then so suddenly a big gust of wind pushes right back at my hood
And everyone then turns so quickly
"In the end this weekend isn't going to be relaxing in the least"

That's it! I am quitting this life! Sure the pay is nothing to complain
My career is just painted with blue
I stand out today, they're looking this way!
No more, I am fleeing this life! All I ever wanted was too much
"Please stop looking at my face!"
But I took all these words and pocketed them away

Woah, it's been so long I can't remember
No, I've stuck out like this since forever
now, what am I to do since this is normal routine for me

Woah, I know I've heard this said before but...
oh no, the memory wont come
"Oh my God! This is too much work just for a girl!"
but of course I can never just speak honestly

Shouts fill the air so densely just looking for me
what's the big deal about meeting an idol?

"Oh hey don't this seem like fun thing to do?"
I really should've rethought 'cuz in the end it turned out badly
...but the spotlight then it seemed so bright, I really couldn't turn him down!

"Hey this life ain't really so great!"
but those words are hanging on my tongue
"Am I really as good as they say?" I'm not very fun, why can't I just run?
That's it! I am leaving this life! but the words just never come to light
"God you're making cry now!"
Yet I hold back the tears and pocketed them away

All this crying does you no good; Can't you hear the cheering from the crowd?
All you ever had wanted and more, in front of you now, so stand up be proud
If this life ain't all it had seemed, change it and just know you're not alone
Now go out there and show them what you really can do

Somehow, singing isn't so bad! I can feel my chest about to burst!
Overflowing through every note
I'll plunder your heart! Make off with your heart!
All those words I batted away, fill this dream and fly straight out to you
Just remember to not blink, we'll be carrying on
Tomorrow is another day!

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