Текст песни Pretty Things - Cause I'm A Man

Исполнитель: Pretty Things
I never wake up early in the morning
Don't get home 'til late at night
Don't believe in overworking
And I never treat a woman right
Cause I'm a man
Cause I'm a man

I like to be the center of attraction
Let the people know just who I am
Like my movie shows with lots of action
Take my beer straight from the can
Cause I'm a man
Cause I'm a man

I'm not the type for settling down or raising a family
Just give me a room with music and ice
That's the place for me

I never like to lose a nickel
Although I am a gambling fan
Smoke the cigarettes until my throat is raw
Don't believe in living to a plan
Cause I'm a man
Cause I'm a man

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