Текст песни Paul Shapera - [The New Albion Radio Hour] A3 S2 - The Best Of Times

Исполнитель: Paul Shapera
A book store a fair, a music hall, park everywhere i went i saw her
At a circus run down on the outskirts of town we sat down and started talking
The hours stop, the days unwind, at a quarter to the best of times

In hindsight i wish the sweet painful bliss of seduction had drawn out longer
Cause we fell in fast, fell hard and the world spun past like a waltz that swept along us
The hours stop, the days unwind, at five to the best of times

From money she came, weekends in those days our soirees were the wildest in town
The inspired the mad, the thinkers the poets all laughed, raised a glass and whirled past
The hours stop, the days unwind, it’s precisely now the best of times

But times they darken. The purges had started. On the day they came Dorothy was taken.
The doors all were locked. The parties all stopped. I learned to drink scotch in a dark room forsaken.

Years passed but then, i saw her again sewing clothes in a room without fans
She didn’t know me. She couldn’t you see, in her eyes, something missed
There’s a trick with a pick, the doctor gives it a nick
It makes you docile real quick
The hours stop, the days unwind, moments pass, memories sigh
At half past the best of times

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