Текст песни Neoclubber - I Willl Say

Исполнитель: Neoclubber
You're closer than decency allows
My heartbeat kills my mind
I haven't used a single chance
But now it is the time.
But I can't find a breath for it
I cannot find a strength
If only I could ask the Wind
To make my words a sense.


How it is hard to let you know
My love is pouring rain
How it is hard to let you go
But you will stay one day.
One day your heart will let you know
No matter that I failed
To shape my words and say "I love"
You will stay one day!
You will stay one day!

You're close enough for I can feel
A chronic lack of breath
I catch your eye, I know it is
A matter of life and death.
I couldn't get into your brain
My tune's a single note
If only I could ask the Rain
To shape my love in words.

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