Текст песни Paul Shapera - [The New Albion Radio Hour] A2 S9 - The Substation

Исполнитель: Paul Shapera
After using her ex boyfriend as a vessel for spirit possesion and showing off a few of their potent, hypnotic songs of the dead they’ve collected over the years, with which they hope to use to end the war, the Voodoopunks finally guide Constance to the substation where she can at last drop off the device that has caused her so much trouble.

Boys now please don’t freak i brought this stupid M C G
I’ve had a long and really hellish day
Take it and go do whatever you think you have to
I want this bloody thing far away

With this i wash my hands i lost my life and all i had
And all i want to do is go to bed

(door blows down and soldier enters)

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