Текст песни Captain, We're Sinking! - It's a Trap

Исполнитель: Captain, We're Sinking!

I heard you calling out my name,
a shattered soul and a coffee stain,
god, I heard you calling out to me.
A dried out heart and a doctor's bill,
black and white arrows and a sleeping pill,
and how they tell a story.
Don't tell me I'm the same.
You sleep with the windows down
so you can hear the sound of animals fighting.
Isn't it lovely? So don't you be alarmed. Don't you make a sound.
If the world crashes tonight, I won't be around.
I'm doing fine. They say if I waited I'd see.
But I'll let the selfless wait on broken dreams
because lately I don't sleep at all.
I'm locked in a world that won't let me go.
A world where emotion is weakness, betrayal is strength,
I once thought I was as strong as you all seem to think
but now I'm not so sure. I'm not asking for your sympathy,
right now I know I'm bleeding but I'm doing fine.
When my nicotine stained fingers trace the inside of your soul,
I'll write my name into your memory
but until that day I'll let myself let you go.

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