Текст песни Raptile feat. Da Liones - Hands Up (OST Форсаж 6) (EsKa.Tv) 2013*

Исполнитель: Raptile feat. Da Liones

Chorus (2x)
My people I see you,
Hands up like we do,
Rock on, drop bombs

Verse 1
They say its
Fire fire fire fire,
I ain't losin my calm,
I'm used to the drama,
I'm a god damn top ten artist,
suicide bomber,
You don't want no drama baby,
Let me Jay-Z the track,
Dumb down and double the euros,
Who wants trouble with Europe's Golden Child,
Fucker its going down,
You slept on me to,
I guess you woke up now,
Baby,face it,Monstablokaz,
Got this crazy nation,
High like aviation,
But when I speak I'm honest,
Keep my promise,
Take the lead and put my people on it

Chorus (2x)

Verse 2
(Da Lioness)
Put ya hands where my eyes can see,
so I can feel you're love,
Raptilish beats,
Everybody seen how we monsta-trackin,
Front to back,
It's constant clappin,
It's how we rippin the tough crowd,
We gettin enough power,
To flippin the fuck out(Oh shit),
It's the Monstatee(No shit),
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Rap,Cron and Monsta Queen,
Style is grimy,
But I make it sweet,
Step out the sleeze,
If you can't take the heat,
If I'm big boned,
or one of the skinny folks,
You'd still like to fuck me,
Like I was Jenny Lo.


Verse 3
Holy Christ,
The boys past nice,
it's only right,
Cronite gets a slice,
I'm hot like I just stepped outta sauna,
my hungers untameable like Willie Prada,
There?‚??s nada,
You can tell me about the struggle,
And once I bubble,
the whole world's in trouble,
Salute the vet,
Europe's best kept,
the Depth-Injector?‚??s back to ressurect rap,
Fuck the wack,
Who got fat offa trash,
You want respect?,
Kiss my Croation ass!,
It?‚??s the wrath of an outkast
so fresh so clean,
Sick, sicker, sickest kept in quarrantine


So easy,
ghost writers
It?‚??s crazy,
Rapzilla,killa killa killaThanks to thudord

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