Текст песни 4.07 (Волчонок) Of Verona - Breathe

Исполнитель: 4.07 (Волчонок) Of Verona

Look into mirror tell me
What do you see
Beautiful can`t begin to describe you
Or what you mean to me
Come a little closer to me
Let me see you spin
Want to get inside of your mind
I`ll make your let me in
Open up your eyes
To the possibilities
Take it there love the feal
You`d be suprised
How good it beels
To just let go

And breathe
Breathe with me x2

Shadows fall onto our bodies
From a winter sun
Lace on lace in strawberry shades
As we both come undone
Open up your world
Show me the deepest secrets
I would I`d understand
Whatching us burn
Into a million pieces
One touche of your hand

Breathe with me x2

You can have me
Touche me slowly
Kiss me sofly
Take me under
Whesper loudly
Push into me
Marh my body
Lose control now
Take me over

Breathe with me

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