Текст песни Chris Collins - Come and get it

Исполнитель: Chris Collins
Well if your ready come and get it
placed a great goal in my mind and kept it
grabbed a cool countdown clock and set it
follow that path and don't regret it
and no negative thinking just forget it
if you hit a bump you can't feel upset
stay focused and aim at that target
you'll be there but just wait not yet

Now that shaded tree is testin me
and that tv is really tempting me
but theres no time to be lazy
work hard cause notin good is free
the world will force you down like gravity
but ride that dream till reality
whether your working for that salary
or striving to live life happily
just alter your mentality
use your mind to it's capicity
figure out your perfect strategy
make every movement tactfully
there'll always be tradegy
but never run fight valiantly
grab hold of your world tangibly
and your life will change dramatically

When you're ready come and get it
Na na na (x3)
When you're ready come and get it
Na na na (x3)

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