Текст песни Dope D.O.D. - Witness The Crispness [Explicit]

Исполнитель: Dope D.O.D.
Witness the crispness, I piss on your business. So crisp I can start with an insulting sentence. So "Fuck all you bitches!" I'll put it on my wishlist. So weak I couldn't even won the rapper olympics. Me crisp like the ice picks on mountain Olympus. So crisp like the bones, they were crushed by the Christians. I got my own system. You wanna place your bet? Just go ahead, the price crispier than crystal meth. Cuz I'm crisp like a pistolet. I'm crisp like a creep click in this pistol set. Crisp like the splif hit in bed the creep thick crisp prick nigga zip the keg. But more than piss and annihilate. Burn niggas to a fucking crisp like a apple cake. So hit the brakes, or Imma spray you like pave low 'n' nobody crisp unless the D.O.D say so.

People always wonder why they always gotta do or die. What is truth or lies. They gotta witness the crispness. That's the thing you gotta try, when you've lost your love for life. Everybody wants to fly. Witness the crispness. Taken another ? and breaken to an empty crib, get ready for a heavy trip. Witness the crispness. Sitting on a deadly tip. Witness the crispness. You gotta just witness the crispness.

Witness the crispness, Skits is the Vicious. I gotta girl too, but your sheck is my mistress. I'm committed to commit seven sins, which are bullshit to me to begin with. And you are seven seconds away from being erased, but just as long as I stay you might survive. Long enough to see it wasn't wise to try the wise guy. Twice as high, chilling in his wine house. I sound wave swallow rappers like ?. Make them retire at the time of their try outs. I'm on the ninth cloud stressless holding hip hop in my hand, saying "My precious." My goodness, gracious, I'm so tenacious. I leave dork MC's with broken braces. Cold and naked as they hit the bricks. Bare witnesses to the crispness quick.

Видео Dope D.O.D. - Witness The Crispness [Explicit]

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