Текст песни Nelly Ciobanu (Нелли Чобану) - Ola Hello

Исполнитель: Nelly Ciobanu (Нелли Чобану)

Olla Hello

I feel in love
Like in open space
When I see your face,
All of your perfection

I feel in love
Gotta give a chance
To my love romance
With no hesitation

Feel my lips
On the hips
Give me pleasure

Dance again
Like a hurricane

Olla hello, here we go
Gotta rock your body
Move it around to the sound
Hey yo

Olla hello! All I know
Gotta start the party
Ready. Steady. Let’s go!

You are the one
And my love is back
Like a heart attack
Like a resurrection

You are the one
You can make me feel
You can give me thrill
Give me satisfaction

With your eyes
No more lies
Just affection

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