Текст песни Nelly Ciobanu (Нелли Чобану) - I love you

Исполнитель: Nelly Ciobanu (Нелли Чобану)

Memories haunting my night
Causing pain deep inside
Shady eyes , complex lies
Things youu left behind

I wonder who lost the game
Maybe you feel the same
But it's late for our faith
To be changed now

But i will always love you
You ll be always in my mind
when i feel so blue
Longing just for you
I imagine you're still by my side
And I will always love you
You'll be always my secret life
I have no more tears
For my all lost dreams
But this feeling will always survive
I love you

Sometimes I start to pray
Looking for a new way
Cause I've lost all my trust
When you left away

Looking for a new start
I'm learning another part
So I pray.. and I pray
W?th my broken heart

Refren: 2X

I just know that I love you
I know ...I know that I love you

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