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Исполнитель: Норма Джин

Like miracles like clockwork and like miracles.
You witnessed halos, but you failed to see its horns.
The illusion of intelligence, a continuous sounding bell.
And can you feel the interruption in the air?
Can you feel the static?
I've never seen you like this.
Yeah, well that's what I said.
Drive drive the vultures home.
You're killing me.
Just bury me.
Yeah, well that's what I said.
And I said exactly what I meant.
You're killing me.
Just bury me.
Holy ghosts and talk show hosts, how I panic as you fail.
Your conscience is a wolf.
Walls are being built, deception wears its veil.
And her charm is fleeting, her love just will not last.
Far from men you hang and sway with no defender.
Pushed around by the noise of this carefree crowd.
Charm is fleeting, love just will not last.
I will not sleep while youґre throwing
anchors to a drowning generation
Hell is empty, the devils are here.
I will never sleep.

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