Текст песни Pretty Maids - As Guilty As You Are

Исполнитель: Pretty Maids

I see you hanging with another guy
See you living out another lie
Then you're fading vagely from my side
Into the night

My adrenalin is burning like wildfire
Knowing that we share the same desire
You cheat on me but girl I'm just the same

And I won't live without you
If I can live within it
And so the story goes

This is my confession
My heart is split in two
The weakness of the flesh
Make us do the things we do
In the crime of passion

I'm as guilty as you

You play me out you know I can't resist
You run the game I gladly run the risk
Unfaithfully invade a strangers bed

It's a game that we play
Don't need acover
Need no alibi


Two little infidels apassionate relation
Using our expertise in sin
The two of us just make the perfect combination
Heart to heart
Skin to skin

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