Текст песни Murray Head - Pity The Poor Consumer

Исполнитель: Murray Head
Pity the poor consumer, we can always be bought
For less than we thought
Stolen, our fantasies, while ad-men forced to dictate
Are replacing our fate
Telling us what to buy
Pushing the markets high
Selling must not be despised?
Give us a tinsel lure
Packaging must procure
Victims of a great that's disguised
Pity the poor consumer have we bartered our soul
Are we changing our role
Freedom, truth and emotion are now up for sale
Can you afford them? or even fail?
Money madness is that all that's left
There must be more to life
Profit motive, the key to success,
But it leads to such grief and strife
Fight out the demon greed
Spare us the need
Keep out the demon fear
We can be freed

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