Текст песни Cult Of Youth - Through The Fear

Исполнитель: Cult Of Youth
Draw from experience
And make marks on a map
And the lives we lead
are barely more than that

So in the nighttime
when you seek an early grave
just remember that
your children are afraid

The earth is spinning
at a never changing rate
but the motion has not
ever changed our fate

when every season kills
the season that is left
we acknowledge that
we're only born for death

just know your children
are not children any longer
as they fall in love
and death and out of time

So leave the light on
Since you'll never really know
how your garden lives
when roses cease to grow

so far removed that
it's as if we've just begun
and bear the burden
of an ever darkening sun

But never falter, since the path we forge
is drawing ever near

echoing the voices through the fear

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