Текст песни Andrew Lloyd Webber - Only For Him / Only For You

Исполнитель: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Jesus what a crowd


Just a bit

Kid look who you are

The headline act

A major star

You're already a hit

Got a match?

Wonder what he'll think

The boss?

Ha if he's even here

Honey please he's here

And in just two days

He'll be there tossing you bouquets

At our gala premiere

Picture it

The cream of manhattan

Celebrities millionaires

Watching you

I'll be waiting in the wing

Wound up tighter than a spring

As the house begins to dim

And i'll practice every line

Hoping desperately to shine

Shining only for him

Just imagine how they'll cheer

At the moment you appear

Stepping out before the scrim

Let them whoop and let them call

I won't hear the crowd at all

No it's only for him

Tell me how i look


Just fine?

What about my hair?


You swear?

Trust me once the boss sees

How you put that song across

**** he ain't got a prayer

Oh you mean it?

You'll stand proud into the light

Looking lovely

Burning bright

All vitality and vive

Aha and i'll rapturously float

Through the melody he wrote

Singing only for him

And before the music dies

Up the audience will rise

Nearly bursting at the brim

And you'll stand there in the glow

And perhaps at last he'll know

Girls hurry up we're on

Where is she?


(the center)

Just look at the poster

(there the ooh-la-la girl)

Welcome each and everyone

To our furvalent of fun

A buffet of bally-who

It's where coney comes to play

And it's opening today

And it's only for you

And you

And you

And you

Entertainment day and night

Sure to dazzle and delight

And of course we'll be there too


We're so happy that you're here

For this season's big premiere

And it's only for you

Ladies and gentlemen miss megan giri

The ooh-la-la girl

Five shows daily only here at phantasma

And now the aerial [incomprehensible]

Of the fabulous miss fleck


How was i?

Tell me

Meg you were just perfect

And i say that not only as your mother but as your producer

Was he watching?

I'm sure he was i'm sure he'll have much to say

About how much you've progressed

By the way it seems you have an admirer a certain mr.thompson

Is he important?

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