Текст песни Dj Yarik - Fly

Исполнитель: Dj Yarik

Fly (Come and fly with me)

Fly, trying reach a star, flying high and oh so far
Fly, come and fly with me
Oooh, fly with the fantasy to the land of ecstasy
Fly away with me

Rap 1:
Hard times in the ghetto yo its time to slow up, little man on
The block with the plans to blow up
You cane make it out of the ghetto if you reach for the stars
When the times?re getting ruff, just think with your heart
Love is all around and sometimes it's covered with hate
The more love, the less violence and the feeling is great
Sometimes, I fly with my eyes closed and vision my path
When my eyes start to open I can see what I passed
One day I took the wrong road and letting the pain
Now I learn from my mistake and it won't happen again
Heard the gun shots pass the scene, bodies deceased
And I reach deep inside my soul so I can still preach peace
We all need to fly and keep our hands to the sky
And now I promise to help the needing till the day that I'll die
Wonder why the queen died, cause forever you're more
And I spread my wings and fly because life goes on

Chorus x 2

Rap 2:
Flying high to a place thats far beyond our site
At night I see a light and forever its bright
When the streets are going on violence and they even know work
When I spread my wings sometime, starting feel like a bird
Little man with the gun, little girl with the knife
Tell them down look the sky and you can follow my flight
Cause there ain't nothing in the streets but distruction and death
And my plan to save the world is on the knowledge and trust
Keep your eyes on the good things that life can offer
Everyday I'm giving thanks for my mother and father
Thought me how to keep flying, when I'm rapidly change
If I feel I can't make it, then call on his name
We all gonna fly, it's just a matter of time
On the dropping of my love, I hope it falls on your mind
And the fence for your support is nothing but love
And together we'll fly to the heavens above

Chorus x 2

Oooh, fly….

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