Текст песни Fela Anikulapo Kuti - Just Like That

Исполнитель: Fela Anikulapo Kuti
White man rule us many years we get electric constantly
Our people come take over dem come build Kainji dam
Dem come build the dam finish electricity come stop
1 year.. 2 years...12 years...till now, no electricity for town
Just like that
Just like that
Just like that
Just like that

In 1966 civil war start to keep Nigeria one
I remember the slogan to keep Nigeria one 'the task that must be done'
Dem kill plenty Igbos before the war and more during the war
Our leaders start dem show Gowon divide dem into 12
Muritala and Obasanjo dem come divide dem into 19
Shagari and Awolowo dem wan divide dem into more

Nothing dey for town to give the youths good example
How our big people and traditional rulers dey do
They don spoil the tradition and corrupt all the town
They come make the youths look up to Europe and USA
In those place sef people don lose dem common sense
Na the number of nuclear and guns you get na im give you power pass

We Africa we must to start to think our own
In our tradition where human beings and nature grow
Where creativity and understanding must to be
Right now, think now, fight now, right now, suffer must to stop

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