Текст песни Live @ Mad Decent Block Party (Dallas) - 31.08.2013

Исполнитель: Major Lazer
Mad Decent is doing its Block Party tour through Canada and the US again this year.

Our man Diplo has come a long way from the Hollertronix days and Mad Decent seemed like an empire in the making even before that shady Jamaican superhero that goes by the name of Major Lazer stepped into the game. He “fights the spoils of vampires, zombies, pimps, mummies, and other unsavory forces of evil” they say, but he’s also a nice cartoon figure for Diplo and his mate Switch to hide behind when they planned to give some credit to dancehall sounds and ideas. By the looks of it, it might come off as a tribute project, with artwork that recalls Black Flag albums as much as King Tubby classics, but this ain’t no 80s throwback vanity thing – with an all star cast of Jamaican vocalists the two of them have created a darn tasty soundtrack for summer, filling out the dancehall vibe with a taste for experimental and adventurous sounds that is a well-deserved tip of the hat to its original protagonists.

Fiyah inna di dancehall with the mighty Major Lazer. Diplo and Jillionaire bring the sweat at the Mad Decent Block Party in Dallas.

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