Bloomix [English]

Исполнитель: Winx Club 6
Bloomix (x5)
There's a light, brand new full of power!
Burning bright, but brighter when it's ours
We can share the magic of the Dragon Flame
Oh, oh, oh, oh

One by one we find the strength to guide us
To that spark, it's shimmering inside us
Winx by Winx
Yeah, the magic's on the way
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Bloomix! Call my name
Bloomix! Play the game together,
Bloomix! Take my hand and get the flame
Bloomix! Takes you high
Bloomix! To the sky forever
Bloomix! Come and spread your wings and fly
Bloomix (x5)

Видео Winx Club 6 - Bloomix [English]

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