Mommy, gimme a drinka watter

Исполнитель: Nathan Lane
Mommy, Mommy
Gimme a drinka water
I'm thirsty
I wanna drinka water
No, now, not later, now!
Mommy, what are you doing?
I wanna tell you something
First come in then I'll tell you
It's a secret
It's about Willy and the teacher
And he called her a stupid dope! (ha ha ha)
Mommy, do you hear me?
Gimme a drinka water
Mommy, turn the light on
I can't see
The chair's moving
There's a funny animal on the wall
Are you coming Ma?
There's an airplane and it's flying all around
It's flying in my head
Mommy, oh, Mommy tell me a story
The one about the king who lived in the woods
And he killed the wicked dragon with his magic sword
That's the one I like, tell me that one
Tell me that one Mommy, tell me
I'm gonna tell Daddy you're not a good Mommy
You never listen to me
You bad, naughty Mommy
Mommy, gimme a drinka water
Gimme a cookie too
Turn the light on
Tell me story
The one about the..... you know Mommy
Tell me
Tell me a drinka water

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